Some times a simple text message would be nice

Carols Clucks

9 Years
Oct 13, 2010
Like when your house looks kind of like a tornado blew through

And your ex mother in law just showed up for a visit

And you are busy scraping wall paper off at your moms house and walk in


Gee and only a few snide comments launched at me........

And yes I was good and did not suggest she knew the location of the front door
I'm so glad my nearest family is 400+ miles away. Makes those unannounced visits very rare.
My wife learned a long time ago to keep the front door locked while I was gone to work. Reason being, my Mom refused to call and tell her she was coming to visit and wouldn't even knock on the door. If it was unlocked, she would march right in. Tammy never did get used to that.
She is 1200 miles away, in town for my sons graduation, but never bothered with "hmm maybe I should give her a call before I stop by"
"Oh good, I am so glad to see you! Here's a scraper!"

"Oh, don't mind the mess, it's been such a busy time lately!" Then continue about with your plans.

Now.... let's talk about HOW your MIL got in your house when YOU weren't home. That needs to be nipped immediately.

I used to have a very rude MIL. She would call at 8 pm and chirp, oh, we're going to be in town at 7 am tomorrow morning. I asked her SON to please tell her that was not a good plan, many times. Nope, he wouldn't, so I would clean like a madwoman, making myself nuts. I worked full time, he worked 3 days a month. I finally learned to just go in to work early. She got peeved, so I finally laid it out nicely. She never really forgave me, but she did start giving more notice.

The key was that I finally reached the point where I didn't care what she thought of me anymore. She was going to carp behind my back anyway, so I had nothing to lose.
Oh I know how she got in, I am sure one of the boys got a call and said sure come on over.

Pretty sure it was the one that had a grin on his face when I walked in the door covered in grime from Moms

(the same one who left the massive mess in the kitchen too, not that he would fess up to that in front of her)
My MIL once suggested that she could come down and help me clean during the week so that DH didn't have to waste time on his weekend helping me do my job

He somehow managed to grow up to be a fully functional adult, even though his mom tried her best to keep that from happening.

Aso, whenever I go out of town for the weekend without him, she always comes up with a reason why she needs to come down. I know it's so she can check up on my housekeeping.

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