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    Because according to this article, he's the devil.
    I really apologize to anyone who agrees with him. I'm not trying to offend you. But I'm completely offended by this and I don't understand his belief in this theory.
    I have a disabled cousin who is so precious to me and her parents.
    P.S. Her mother never had an abortion...
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    That was extrenmely offensive and really sad. I worked for a company that through a local school provided 'real world' experience for physically and mentally challenged kids. I doubt that any of the amazing kids that I worked with were a punishment meted out by God to their parents. I don't know the God to whom this man refers.
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    It seams to me that being loopy is almost a requirement to go in to politics....
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    I'm a case manager for developmentally disabled adults and I have worked in the field for over 20 years.
    I am not aware of any published clinical study that connects abortion with the subsequent birth of disabled children. The reason I am unaware of any studies is because there have never been any! This man is pulling statistics out of his patootie, which, IMHO, is where his opinions belong!
  5. I had never heard of any research like that either. It honestly baffled my mind because I thought that if, by some other world miracle, he was right about his research, then where do the random people who have never had an abortion land? Does God just have pure disdain for them for some reason? It's all ridiculous no matter how hard I try to wrap my head around his theories. I've worked with disabled children and my cousin had Jeune's Syndrome which is a severe form of dwarfism and she is very obviously disabled. Anyone who knows her, knows that she is a blessing, a miracle and we are lucky to have her in our lives. She shouldn't have made it to age 1 but she's now 6 :) LoL maybe 7 by now. So in all, she really is a blessing and a miracle.
    For this man to walk in and say that Paige is a punishment to anyone in her life is just incredible!! He makes me wish I were a violent person... [​IMG]

    What part of this face is supposed to be a punishment??
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    Some people are just donkeys. They think that if they say something enough times, with enough conviction, their lies will become truth. Unfortunately some people do believe them, and they pass on those lies.

    The dude probably heard something like "research shows that most spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) are the result of fetal birth defects" and put abortion and birth defects together in his head; not understanding they were talking about miscarriages and fetal abnormalities.

    The idea that god would handicap a child to make it's parents pay is perverse, and ugly.
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    It's thinking like this that gives Christianity a bad name. The article is almost 2 years old; hopefully, someone has helped him to see the light since he made that harebrained statement.

    The concept of the sins of the fathers being visited on the children is biblical, but IMO has been misunderstood since biblical times. When Jesus healed a man that had been blind from birth, he was asked who's sin the blindness was the punishment for. His answer made it clear that the man's condition had nothing to do with anything his parents or he may or may not have done. How sad that, in all these years, people still aren't getting the message.

  8. You're right about that! I'm not a Christian but I understand what it means. This man misconstrued a scripture that referenced NATURE punishing, but not God. He is one of those types that I really dislike. They read a scripture and then translate it in a way that follows what THEY believe. I hate when people twist the words of the Bible to mean what they want it to mean and in no way reflects what God means.
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    Oh Virginy, I miss ya. Not sure who this dude is, but look up Jerry Falwell sometime. Same area, same sort of message. One reason why these types of people can gain so much leverage in certain types of areas is that they often form a closed environment (in the case of Falwell, he founded Liberty University) in which outside input is limited and controlled. I remember there was always an ad on the radio promoting a catalogue that had a list of businesses run and owned by people of a certain denomination. You were only supposed to associate and do business with those people to 'avoid dealing with the devil'.

    Quote: [​IMG]
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    well, I know for a fact that that's total bunk..... the man's an idiot! [​IMG] I wouldn't waste my time thinking there is any validity in his ignorance. So, don't let him get to you!!

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