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6 Years
Aug 19, 2013
Okay my duck is now 31 days old still in the egg. I'm thinking he absorbed most of his yolk but I'm afraid he won't make it. He just opened his eyes for the first time. Is he just tired? What do i do?
He's out now, but I'm scared to pull the last bit off I'm not positive he absorbed his yolk.
Only at first, I think. Once they are on their feet, they seem pretty tough.

Just a guess - but I would say if he is out, breathing, not in apparent distress, let him rest and finish absorbing the yolk. Pulling too much risks bleeding.

And see if the Hatching thread turns anyone up. they may all have their hands full - I just popped in to grind some flax seed.
My phone wont let me. i know this is insane but can one of you call me because im freaking out lol my poor baby duck.

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