Someone please help me find a REALLY easy quilt pattern.

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  1. Money is tight for Christmas this year. Creativity and time is not.

    In high school I did some machine quilting to make throw pillows.
    I got my hands on a sewing machine tonight from my SIL and my husband grew up with a professionally quilting mother, who ran her own store, taught classes, sold quilts, etc. All hand quilting.

    I desperatly want to make him a quilt for Christmas. Nothing fancy at all. It's the sentiment that will get to him. I married my husband when I was 15 years old and I have grown up so much from a teenager into a woman with him watching every acomplishment in awe.
    I had a nasty childhood with parents who didn't even cook, let alone sew. This is a man that cried with me this summer, jumping up and down when I won Blue Ribbon on my jam, my first time entering a fair. He knew how bad I wanted it. He is always so proud of me.

    When we first got together he had a quilt his mother had made for him when he was going away to college for astronomy, it was the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen to this day. It wasn't very masculine in color, alot of pinks and baby blues, but it had all intricate stiches in the shapes of stars, and moons, and there were appliqued telescopes and everything. Stunning.
    That was his last quilt from Mom. Several years later we lived in an apartment where there was a serious water problem and we lost nearly all of our possesions, his beloved thread bare quilt was one of the lost things.

    Now "Gramma" is busy making quilts for her 7 grandbabies and doesn't have time to make any for her grown children.

    I know I cannot get a hand made quilt done by christmas, but I think if I devote alot of my time to it I could pull something together on the machine for Christmas.

    It feels almost like a rite of passage for him, to now accept a quilt from his wife as it's my responsibility almost.
    Over time I'd like to make him something more intricate. But I know anything I make him would be loved and would be an emotional gift for him. Serious quilt people know how special quilts can be to you, and his last quilt was like a best friend.

    Could someone help me put something together? I would like a pattern that will yeild a finished quilt that is Full sized at least. I want him to be able to wrap up and be a Keith burrito. I sure love him lots.
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    Have you tried a Log Cabin pattern?

    Log cabin quilt blocks

    Real easy to machine quilt. It's just cutting and stitching a whole bunch of long rectangular strips. For the top stitching, just stitch big squares around each block. Key to making it look nice is getting a good mix of contrasting colors.
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    I made a strip quilt in 3 days start to finsh full size. I used the "quilt in a day" book for the pattern but am sure you can find info on how they are made online. It is like a logcabin patterns but you use long strips and cut after you sew.

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    Hi! I had my hubby make me wood squares 8x8 and he put a handle on it, I traced it onto material and then you cut them and sew them together until you have rows, then you sew all the rows together. Thats how I made my first quilt. I was no good at following patterns, but this was pretty easy! Here's a picture of one of the first quilts I made last year, this one was for x-mas for my Godson Ajay![​IMG]
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    9 patch is super eay.
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    I second the nine patch.

    Google it. They are super-easy.

    I can turn out a twin-sized nine patch from a machine in about 3 days.

    If you're going to do a quilt, go ahead and spend a few dollars on a nice rotary cutter and straight edge. It'll make your edges line up nicely and cut down on your cutting time.

    Good luck. My first quilt was a nine patch.
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    I agree that the Quilt in a Day books are a nice place to start. But don't believe the "Day" part, unless you have the house to yourself all day.

    I also just put "free quick and easy quilt patterns" in my search engine and came up with many sites to check out.

    Here is the first one to get you started, the few I looked at would need to be changed to more masculine colors.

    It sounds like hubby is a pretty special guy, but he also is lucky he got such a thoughtful wife.

    I second the idea of buying a rotary cutter and mat, it will speed up the work for you and save your hands from abuse. (well, unless you decide to get your fingers in the way of the cutter.)

    This was a fairly easy quilt top that I did for one of the grandkids. The checked part is the 9 patch block, the other block is the rail fence block.
  8. Oh gosh... I just fell in love with this pattern and even the color scheme, that's wintery/christmasy as my husband is a christmas fanatic and wears his Christmas PJ's all year and leaves his special Santa snowglobe on the matle year round as well, he adores Santa:

    Too hard? My mother in law when beginning to teach me to hand quilt is telling me that it's easy as long as it's stright lines... Well this is all stright lines.
    I could always get help from her, I know it. Though she would frown on me for using the machine, I don't have time to do this all by hand.
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  10. Oooo Sara I really like that one too!

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