Someone please tell Rembrandt and Picasso


Oct 2, 2017
New Hampshire
That if they sit in the poop catcher and under the the other chicken's bums they will get pooped on.

they have a big ole coop/shed that they can go sleep for the night, but nope right under the bums of the others in the poop catcher.
They are Silkies and it gets right into their fluff, so I am going to have to constently bathe them :barnie:th:rolleyes:
Sorry I've got nothing. Wish I had some good advice. I thought silkies like to sleep in a pile on the floor.

I actually have a pic that shows half their setup. you see they go up on the "table" area, then they walk over to the poop catcher, I have roosts for them too there, not right under the bums, but they will sit right in the kitty litter/sweet coop mix, under the roosts sometimes. before it was mostly litter so I know they were not laying there because it was like a nice soft hay area.



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