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    May 15, 2016
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    Thanks for reading my post!

    I am uploading pictures of my chicken in hope of 1. Identifying the breed ( I am extremely new at this ) and 2. To see what kind of Injury, disease, sickness this bird has. I don't expect a full diagnosis online of course, but any information will surely help. I have two of her species. The other, looks just fine. I got them both as adult hens. 2 years old I believe. I have no idea if they were vaccinated as chicks or not. The man I bought them from had 7 of them. I gave 3 of them to a very reputable chicken raiser/farmer here in town. They are doing just fine.

    My one girl with the issue is as follows : Sudden loss of feathers and weight. She is very much underweight compared to the other of her kind. She has what appear to be small, white colored flakes/ speckles when she flaps her wings. She appears to be loosing color in her comb and wattles are turning a white color. They also look a bit dryer than her counterpart. Her feathers have lost their shine and she stands on one of two legs more often than the rest of the birds. Doesn't seem to have a preferred one, just stands on one or the other sometimes. She is lifting her feet frequently to pick at the bottoms. No sores yet, just picks at them. To be honest, I was gone for about a week and had a friend watching them. I had precise feeding schedules and watering systems that hold plenty of water. I hate to say, but I think one of my dogs may have attacked here while i was gone. Needles to say i don't trust this individual to watch her anymore since he swears nothing happened to her, but she has a loss of feathers on her tummy and a big, red dot on her stomach. Almost like a healing wound. I am very worried about her well being and of course, if she is contagious to my flock.

    I just checked out her vent, and no swelling, no sticking poop. I checked under winds and i dont see tiny, moving dots of any sorts nor any attached bugs. I may be wrong though. I will upload the images of her and her counter part below to show the differences/similarities. I know this community is extremely knowledgeable and I have faith someone will have some advice.

    One thing I'd like to mention, I had a coop built for my flock and will be delivered as early as next week. The coop i bought is from these guys : The set up I have now was put together for summer use only, as the rains dont hit here in the Salt Lake Valley, UT, until end of October. Any advice would help.
    [​IMG]Notice the white around the beak and comb
    [​IMG]Another example of the white on the face
    [​IMG]Loss of feathers on legs. This is where the white flakes usually are.
    [​IMG]Legs/feet seem extra scaly. No uplifted scales. Just dry and dusty
    [​IMG]Healthy counterpart hen. Notice the red colored wattle and comb.
    [​IMG]Healthy hen, notice no feather loss.
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    Everything you mention is normal for a hen that is molting. Decreased appetite, shriveled pale comb, loss of weight, loss of feathers. The white you see around the feathers are the feather sheaths. They will fall off/be preened off. You will be seeing more feather loss. It takes a lot of energy for hens to go through a molt. When her feathers are grown back in, she will start gaining weight again. When her weight is back to a healthy level, then she will resume egg laying. Your other hens that are the same age will also start molting.
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    Nov 21, 2015
    I thought the same thing as Happy Chooks- molting! They sure look awful when they're molting, and mine will act more skittish and unfriendly as well. It's kind of shocking the first time you see it though, currently my giant fluffy white Orpington is a sorry looking ragged bedraggled mess cause she's molting. Be sure to give her extra protein cause she definitely needs it for growing her new feathers. You can buy food called Feather Fixer which has extra protein, or some people say they give cat food as a good cheap source of protein (canned or dry).
  4. Marrrum

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    May 15, 2016
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Thanks for writing!

    This does make me feel better. I had a suspicion this may have been the case, But I wasn't sure. I know that pale combs mean sickness. I appreciate the quick responses. Any idea on the breeds? The golden colored ones in the background, ameraucana ? Please advise.

    Kindly ,


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