Something is wrong with my silkies neck!


10 Years
May 11, 2009
I cant post a pic! I will upload it to my FB, link in sig line. It looks like her neck is broken! She cant lift her head upright she keeps putting it under her belly and almost standing on it she is making a funny noise. Idk. Please advice! Help! Gosh darn it. Im gonna bring her in the house tonight.
In the absence of injury, it sounds like wry neck. This could be a genetic issue or a vitamin deficiency. Try giving Polyvisol without iron (get it at the pharmacy - it's an infant vitamin drop) and get the liquid vitamin E pills with sellenium that you can pop and drop into some water for her. The vitamins probably won't help if it is genetic, but should help if it is caused by deficiency.
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Thank you thank you thank you. I will get that first thing in the morning! Now i can get some sleep! I was so worried! She wont die from it will she?
As far as I know, chickens can survive wry neck so long as they are able to eat and drink. Some get a crooked neck so severe they are not able to eat or drink.
I'm going through the same thing, infact someone else posted a thread today about it too. Silkies are prone to getting wry neck unfortunately
I am sorry to hear that. I have heard it is often a genetic condition in silkies.

The vitamins are still worth a try and, if I were you, I would just keep researching wry neck or crooked neck to see if something else to try comes up. There is a stickied link with good resources to check, like the Merck Veterinary Manual link.
So I hear. To be honest I bought her 2 weeks ago and ever since I've had her she's been like this, of course the breeder has no idea, wasn't like that when she shipped it blah blah! I just don't get people sometimes

I'm going to try abit longer, Thanks for the info, I'm always looking for new ideas especially if it helps somewhat!

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