Something must be wrong 1-2Wk old chick

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    Feb 9, 2008
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    One of my marans chicks just over a week old is noticably calmer / quieter than all the other chicks. It doesn't even peep when we pick it up - nor does it make the effort to run from us like the other chicks - and it doesn't appear at all anxious about our handling him.

    It eats, drinks, and poop is good. Eyes are clear. It's movements seem healthy even if they are few - just enough to get food, water and move around a bit.

    It's seems like it's heart rate is elevated in that you can see it's little body moving with it's breath faster than the other chicks - but it is not panting- and you can feel it's little heart beat working ever so hard - even though it hasn't done any activity to explain such a fast little beat. It is smaller than the rest now - and I've moved it to be with some smaller chicks.

    Any Ideas???

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