Something protruding from hen's vent


12 Years
Mar 25, 2007
Charlestown, IN
Tonight we found an egg yolk near the area where our 2yo Buff Orpington was roosting, then saw this thing protruding from her. Our initial thought is that it is an eggshell, but we want confirmation on that before we start pulling on it. Thanks for your input... I'm worried about her!


It looks to me like a crushed, rolled egg shell. My Easter Egger once laid the biggest eggs I have ever known (none were double yolkers) until they started coming out lumpy and scratched - Then one day she took hours to lay her egg, and when I finally decided to intervene, I saw something just like that come out, along with a lot of liquid and mucousy stuff. I carefully pulled it out and found out that it was her egg - Well, the shell anyway, rolled around and crushed into a sort of "cigar."

I was told to simply cut her back on her protein to help the egg production and size, and it helped - She didn't have the problems anymore.
I found something similar in a quail... I very gently pulled it out, allowing the hen to flex as she needed, and it was indeed a flattened, rolled up shell. Soft shell.
Thanks so much for your replies! All seems to be well this morning. This group is such a fantastic resource. Next time I'll try to remember to post here before scaring my mom with a late-night call

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