Something spreading through my flock?!? Chickens not eating...


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Hello all, I am having chicken health issues and I am not really sure what we are dealing with. All our chickens come from unknown backgrounds. We just had a several year old female die on us about a week ago after having noticed bright green poops in the coop and her standing motionless in the yard for a length of time. After trying to get her to eat and drink, she passed the next day.
Now we have a rooster that has developed bright green poops and was not eating. He's been inside for a few days, on Tylan 50 once a day and is now eating somewhat, but not drinking a lot. His poops are a little darker green now with a LOT of whitish gooey urates, but nothing remotely solid. He was moving around well the first day we brought him inside but now is extremely hesitant to stand/walk. Like to the point I have to hold the sides of his body so he can walk along. We took him outside today to be near his girls and that seemed to interest him in "trying" to move but he takes only one or two really weak steps and the plops back down on the ground.
And now we just brought in another female that is showing the bright green poops and not eating... (she's on Tylan now as well)
They were wormed last month as well and get good food and water and the coops are cleaned out everyday. We have 45 chickens of mixed ages/flocks.

Any help on figuring out what we are dealing with would be much appreciated!!
Im honestly no help on this one...but my first instinct would be to QT the sick ones far far away...and it sounds awfully suspect like bad feed/poison/starving chickens. I would change the feed ASAP...try throwing some old plums or bananas at them see if that perks their interest. Even scrambled or hard boiled eggs. Also get them on some probiotics...yougurt, gogurt, and pedyalite..even gatoraid in a pinch. Check-treat for mites/lice (very hard to see) Adams or Sevin dust works great. Hope they get well!
I'm sorry you're having chicken health problems!

Are there any other symptoms other then the ones you described? Any coughing, sneezing, discharge from the eyes/nose?

Have you noticed any blood in their stools?

Until you figure out what this is, I would just provide the best supportive care you can. You need to make sure they stay hydrated. Try mixing up a slurry of feed, scrambled eggs and yogurt. Put organic apple cider vinegar in the water, this can sometime help if it's a digestive issue.

Other then that, I would definitely check your feed source. Take a good, close look at it and see if you notice any bugs, moisture, etc. And double check, look VERY closely for bugs/mites. Treat if needed.

Keep us updated!
Thanks for the help! I have been giving a mix of yogurt, water, Avia-Charge and NutriDrench to the female since she is not the least bit interested in solids.

The male gets high protein feed (only for right now since he's sick) mixed with yogurt, eggs, tomatoes, cheese or corn. He slowly picks through it.

They are isolated in my guest room now and can see each other in their separate cages. They have been very thoroughly checked for bugs - we did have a problem with some other chickens months ago, but everything has been sprayed with permethrin(?), Sevin dust, Ivermectrin and Adams flea and tick on all birds. But I still think I am gonna check them again.

Hey Redneck - I have family in Plant City! ( I miss the Strawberry festival)

Thanks again guys!
Have you considered it might be coccidia?

I just had a nasty run of it (unfortunate use of the word) in my flock and I lost 10 chickens. All but one of them were juveniles, but the adult hen had just come out of a molt and perhaps her immunity had been compromised because of it.

I put the entire flock on Corrid V and noticed immediate improvement. Still lost the last couple because they were very sick and listless, along with the very runny, green poo.

It's a powder and is dissolved in their drinking water, used for 5 days, but my outbreak was so bad I treated for 7.

Good luck!
Gryeyes - thank you so much for mentioning this! I saw something about green poo and cocci on another thread and was wondering about that myself. I just didn't think that would necessarily be it since these are adults and I haven't seen any blood. But if you think it can't hurt to try it, then I certainly will! Is that Corrid for a particular animal? (I will start checking cocci threads for dosages...)


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