Something Strange Going on in Broiler Egg???

Hello Everyone!

Today was Day 7 for my sixteen Cornish Rock broiler eggs. This is my first time incubating with a new Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance. The eggs were shipped to me and I put them in the incubator right away instead of waiting because they seemed to be hotter than room temperature when I opened the box, so my reasoning was that if they had already started incubating during shipping I didn't want to kill them by letting them cool.

Other than that, I think I did everything right. The Brinsea certainly makes it easy to just pop them in and not have to mess with them.

Today, Day 7, I candled them all, and fourteen of them have the red dot with all the veins! Please excuse my very untechnical terms here.. Two of them seem to be empty. There are three with varying amounts of "spotty shells"; as in there are clear spots all over them giving them a porous appearance. There are live embryos in them, though, so I hope they don't run in to issues as they grow! But, there is one that has me stumped. It's got the spot and lots of healthy veins, and the shell is just fine, but the darker part in the upper part of the egg seems to have gotten caught on the shell? When I turned it I could see the rest of the contents move fluidly, except the hiked up spot. What is this called? What should I do? What is the prognosis of the chick?

I drew a picture of what I saw. Sorry if the picture looks silly! haha

Thanks everyone!


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