Something strange out of my duck


Nov 16, 2017
Hi Again All,
I have a white pekin who has been sick since January 3.
She began loosing weight. Began at 2.6kg and over the course of 2 weeks dwindled to 1.9kg. When the bright green poop started it was off to the vet and after $484 and an over night stay she came home with a script of broad spectrum antibiotics. She finished the script but never re-gained the weight. She was our happiest duck. Aways loved to be picked up and petted. But now bites anyone coming nearby.
We waited another 2 weeks and took her to a different vet. After an inspection and script we left that vet $131 lighter.
We gave her enrofloxacin for a month morning and night. Still no weight gain. I noticed she seemed to have some strange lumps underneath. I did the internal check and discovered a series of lumps the biggest seemed to be only able to be felt from outside (between legs underneath)
Emailed vet who said bring her in again. So we did. Got a different vet who didnt seem to care much. Suggested it was most likely tumours.
We were a bit saddened as the bill for xray was $300. We decided to cease pouring out money. Brought her home and i started giving her 1 1/2 apricot seeds per day (half morning, half midday and half nightly) along with tumeric. Its been 3 weeks since she has been on this and today i noticed a strange thing protruding out her butt.
I carefully massaged around and gently pulled it. She didnt seem to be in any pain. This large blob with some sort of internal structure came out. Could this be a tumour? Or maybe a bound egg?


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