something wrong with my flock?

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  1. degonfler_l'amant

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    May 19, 2010
    washington state
    I wanted to know if there is a disease going around my flock or if this is normal and nothing to worry about

    I was out in the yard today and noticed a black pile of poop in the grass,i then went to enter the coop and saw it all over the floor of the coop, some of them are laying normally but i cannot determine who is laying the black stools.
    this is the first time ive noticed it and i am paying attention now to all of my chickens and trying to figure out who is laying so i can determine if they show any other signs of a problem but so far no luck.

    Has anyone else had a problem with black,completely black watery type stools? what is the cause of it? what can i do to fix the problem? is my flock in danger,is it contagious?
  2. turtlebird

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    Dec 11, 2009
    I've seen it when they are eating a lot of green material (grass) [​IMG]
    Are they behaving normally otherwise?
  3. FrizzlesRule

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    Dec 22, 2009
    Is it all of them??? I've had chickens that pooped black poop after eating berries like blackberries. black raspberries or blueberries. Have they eaten any of these kind of berries?
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  5. degonfler_l'amant

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    May 19, 2010
    washington state
    idk who is pooping black i have only noticed 2 droppings that were black so im thinking its only 1 but idk,none of them have eaten berries granted i have all blue,rasp,and blackberries in my backyard none of them have come in yet so they would not of have been able to eat them yet.

  6. NWChicks

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    Mar 3, 2010
    Granite Falls, WA
    I'd keep a close eye on them and if you notice any other symptoms you'll want to try to track down the problem. If it's just one or two black poos but no more it was probably just something someone ate. Are they free ranged? If so, they could have found something interesting to shock you with. [​IMG]

    Some things to look for:
    Are their tails up and perky or down between the legs and droopy?
    Feathers normal or fluffed out?
    Walking around doing normal chicken business or just standing there, especially if droopy or several huddling together looking sleepy.
    Eating and drinking normally?
    If they're laying, laying as usual? No abnormalities on the eggs?

    I'm no expert and am pretty new myself but I've had some sick birds so unfortunately I recognize it when I see it. Hopefully yours are just fine! Oh, and [​IMG]!

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