Sometimes I have a hard time believing it

Starlight 451

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8 Years
Oct 28, 2011
People are always telling me that I'm:

(select from following list)

- Smart
- Funny
- Kind
- Wise
- Friendly
- Interesting

I wonder where they get this sort of stuff from. Most of the time I have a hard time believing it's true, although in some part of my head I know it must be because people that I barely know are telling me this after they've known me for a short period of time.

I'm always distancing myself from people, there are very few individuals I feel I can actually trust - numbering one or two at most. My friendships usually end, and it's mostly my fault! I think sometimes I'm a bad person. The people I count as true friends tell me when I'm being a pain. I somehow feel like people who don't bother to criticize me don't care, but I find being criticized awkward and frustrating! Maybe I am a lost cause.

Anyone else feel the same way?
You mean there are people who DON'T feel that way??

Maybe you are just really good at hiding your emotions when you are around people you don't particulary care about. I think that's a good trait. Wish I had it
Maybe you are being a little too introspective. I would not worry about what people think of you. If you come across to people as funny, kind etc. You aren't doing much wrong!

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