Son's First Show any tips?


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Apr 4, 2009
My son is entering his first bantam show this coming weekend we have talked with several members of the club who have all been wonderful with teaching him how to get his chickens ready for show day. He is showing His bantam Dominques and Silver Sebrights. This is thwe final show till the fall here and i figure what he learns from this he will have all summer long to prepare for next year. He has all his chickens where they can be handled without running around the pen he can pretty much do what he wants to with them. We are set to give them there bath tuesday. But as i am sure some of you have tips and tricks yall have found over years of showing if you don't mind sharing some with us. I will be sure and let you all know how he does on his first one.
oil combs and wattles, trim nails and beak, spray with flea spray before show and before you bring them home, quarantine for several weeks after the show, take a camera, get to know folks, make friends, learn all you can, ENJOY!
You are correct. He will have all summer to get ready for next year. My son did the same thing, he learned a ton between his first and second years, and wound up winning 1st in showmanship at the state show. Just go, have fun, and talk to as many people as you can. You will then start to meet more and more folks that help you out. You'll feel like a pro before you know it.
I only have standard Doms and don't have bantams so I don't know if it is a problem for them or not, but remember to pull any stubs, it's a DQ to show a Dom with them.
Yeah, agree with all of the previous statements. From experience, I wouldn't feed the birds the morning of the show. Food mixed with excitement is going to go right through them and all over their cage/themselves.
Feed them after exhibiting is over. Water is good though. They can have that as often as you can give it to them.

Bring washcloths/tissues and water just in case the birds get dirty. Might want to bring your own water, as different water from different places tastes....differently.
They like it best when they are familiar with their feed and water. I bring a little treat for them after, also. When showing is done, I always like to thank the judges and ask for pointers, or other tips. They can give very valuable advice.
Thanks for the advice. Ryu i looked his chickens over good and neither pair of his have them . Thanks i wouldn't have known that. I have delayed ordering a Standard book hoping to get throught this first show before i order it. We gave them baths yesterday and to my suprise everyone of them when to sleep during there bath. We left them in a cage in the house all night so they could dry. The roosters decided at 3am it was time to crow and wake everybody up. LOL
Just as a note, if you have any silkied, bearded/muffed or crested bird, water before judging is a no-no. They like to dunk their heads, and while that doesn;t significantly alter the appearance of a regular feathered bird without crest or muffs/beard, if they do they end up looking something like a drowned rat. Not good when the judge evaluates them.

Also, feeding grains before and during a show helps solidify their poop--a good thing.

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