Sooo Freaking MISERABLE!

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  1. Rainstorm

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    May 25, 2009
    Lake Placid FLorida
    Got sick a week ago, common sore throat/headache/fever/coughing and so on, All went away after 2 days and I feel fine except I CANT BREATH!!!!!!!!!

    Same day I get better my nose stuffs up so bad i cant breath through it even a tiny bit, its hard to eat or drink. I cant hardely sleep because it feels like my throat is trying to clog up to. It hasnt let up even a tiny bit. Just as miserable as 5 days ago. I blow my nose and nothing comes out.

    I have tried everything, Vix, vapor water, Salt water up the nose, saline spray and some other junk. Nothing helps taking a hot bath helps for just a few mins but it shuts right back up. My ears are KILLING me from popping out. im hungry im thirsty im TIRED [​IMG]

    /rant over
  2. goldies99

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    Jul 22, 2011
    you could have a sinus infecton......maybe you need a doc..... [​IMG]
  3. justbugged

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    Jan 27, 2009
    Quote:X2 DH was like this, and he didn't start to get better until he started antibiotics.
  4. Rainstorm

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    May 25, 2009
    Lake Placid FLorida
    No insurance, doctors around here start at $300 just to look at me
  5. Duramaxgirl

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    Feb 12, 2010
    I agree on the sinus infection. Also could be a milk intolerance + sinus infection.
  6. justbugged

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    Jan 27, 2009
    If you don't have the infection treated it can kill you. I lost a dear friend this way. It will not get better. Check out low cost clinics, or use a county hospital ER. A County ER has to treat you, and should have a sliding fee scale. They may also be able to tell you where to find treatment that will be more affordable.

    Sinus infections CAN KILL YOU!!!
  7. Chickerdoodle13

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    Mar 5, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    Sounds like a sinus infection, which can very easily turn into bronchitis and pnuemonia. You really need to consider finding a clinic or ER to go to. SInus infections can and do kill if not treated. Especially if you've already had it for a week. Your body will be getting weak and less able to fight off the disease.
  8. HeatherLynn

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    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    Google home remedies. If there are absolutely no low cost care clinics near you then maybe you can do a bit of treatment yourself. Salt water steam, saline nose sprays. I would be taking anything that improves my immune system. I also put vicks right under my nose and laying with a warm heating pad on my face. Low heat and don't fall asleep. Trust me. Drink drink drink and get some rest.
  9. LoveMyFeatherBabies

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    Nov 8, 2011
    Shelby, NC
    I know it sounds gross, but fresh, raw garlic is a great natural antibiotic. You can't have too much so garlic away! My sister in laws kids take a spoonful every day and they actually like it LOL!
  10. MeatKing

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    I actually killed what was probley strip throat with raw garlic.

    Doc was handing out prescribtions to kids. (She's a pediatration) She looks at me and says, you look sick, are you ok. I said oh I got it too, but I"m eating the raw garlic. She smile at me and said, oh some people believe that will kill an infection, I said it will if you eat enough.. Cleared me right up.

    Also look into raw onion, beside your bed at night. Could just be a wives tail, but really enjoyed researching it when I was sick.

    Google raw onion and war.
    There was a general who wouldn't move his men, till they had more onions..

    Also like was said, drink lots n lots of water. Have you tried a bath of Epsom salts?
    Oh and yes, Ecupltis oil in a humidifyer..

    I hope you feel better soon!

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