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duck walk

10 Years
Jun 13, 2009
white springs, fl
I have five new Muscovies...a drake and four ducks...two black and white, a silver and white, a chocolate and one kind of penciled...will get pics tomorrow...they are adults and are in quarantine for has been 35 years since I had a Muscovy in my life and now I have five! I let them settle in this evening and did not bother them too much but will get pics to post in the morning...I love the way their "hair" stands up on the top of their head when they get alarmed...they are stinking cute...
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Congrats!1 It must feel nice after so many years to have some again..And the colours!! they sound fantastic. I look forward to seeing some pics.
here they are!

They were a little grungy when they got here just from being confined in close quarters for a bit...I filled up one of the big kiddie pools and they spent an hour or so bathing and preening...they are at good wheight and seem just fine healthwise...they still have not eaten very much...I have no idea what they were eating so I am giving them what I give the rest of the gang...they are picking at food a bit but not really digging in like my other piggy ducks...I am sure they will relax and do so in time...they do not appear to be terribly upset or frightened...they watch me like a hawk when I enter their quarters but don't panic...I thought they were pretty decent of the darker ones has a penciled looking front...the dark ones have very dark eyes but the other three have beautiful eyes, blue, hazel, and light green on the drake...I don't know if that is correct or not but they sure are pretty eyes...

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