SOP chicks? Where to buy? What to look for?

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    We are new to raising chickens. We have 6 that we got in the spring from Rural King & knew nothing when we started.
    My 12 year old now wants to show chickens at next year's fair. Another task I know nothing about, but I want to learn.
    Where can I purchase fair-worthy chicks? What should I be aware of when selecting what breed to show? Of course, she wants bantams- something along the lines of silkie/frizzle/polish. Are these breeds "trainable"? What's the "ideal" age for showing? Can you enter more than one chicken into the contest? Are there different competitions within the show? Does this just differ from fair to fair?
    Keep in mind, she will mainly be doing this for fun. She is not as competitive as I am, but I would LOVE to see her come home with a ribbon for something!
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    Is she participating in FFA, 4-H or another organized association in regards to showing in the fair? If so, specific questions regarding rules and regulations for entries are best directed to a person directly associated with the local chapter as the rules/regs can vary considerably from one locale to the next (ie some counties only do APA recognized breeds while others will permit hybrids/birds of mixed breeding).

    As to sourcing show quality birds, especially if you anticipate she may want to proceed beyond the county fair level, participate in other shows, etc, your best bet is to start networking with folks around you to locate area breeders who are raising birds according to the SOP. This can be accomplished by getting to know folks in your "state" thread, attending area poultry shows (there are several in the KY/IN/OH area each year), etc. The poultry shows, in particular, are a great way to do this as you can see the birds a particular person has brought to exhibit and this will help you see the quality of birds they are working with.

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