Sorry, I just gotta vent! Building frustration thread.


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Mar 26, 2014
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My Coop
My Coop
Venting: I've had my coop materials for over 2 months now. I have everything from the top to the bottom ready to go. I had 3 "friends" offer to help me build this thing and with their offers I was sure it would get done. Why not? All three friends have years of building experience and were ready and willing to help they said. I might learn something as we go and it would be fun with the fact that I do not have a lot of building experience. I have had all three "friends" bail out on myself for some reason or another. The excuses and attempts to dodge my project have been interesting. From one friend wanting money for everything I do with him, to one quitting after we built the floor because "he got bored" and lastly one that won't just come around. I don't mind if they don't want to help, just let me know your not interested and be honest!

I have the floor installed along with the base. I have all the lumber cut ready to be assembled. I was even lucky to get 6 bundles of good shingles from my brother in-law's housing project. Well, this morning another cancellation. I am determined to say the heck with it and do it myself. I've got friends on BYC anyways!

All while a live in mother in-law asking when those chicks will be out of the basement, she doesn't like "livestock" in where she's staying.

and thank you!
The sooner you learn to count on yourself the better off you will be!! The only person I can count on is my wife of 32+ years. At least when you do it yourself you learn more; have more self satisfaction and can only blame yourself when things go wrong!!

So build it and get it done!! Gotta keep MIL happy!! ;)

Someone once told me to stop relying on people and Ive learned my lesson over time. Here is a good example:p

On the other hand I encourage you to attempt the coop no matter how intimidating a pile of wood looks.

I built my coop earlier this spring and began by researching designs and structures.
Like houses you need the skeletal structure that everything will be held to.
Learn from your build. Nothing is a mistake unless you choose not to correct it
building a coop is supposed to be fun so instead of thinking "my coop sucks"
everything is meant to be improved so its always a project meant to be improved over time

Be well
I'm so sorry! I've had people bail on me several times, even though I go out of my way to help others. it's frustrating and it hurts.

We have so many helpful members, I'm sure you can build it and get advice during the process if you need it.

Wish I lived closer. I'd be happy to help.
Hey, if you can swing a hammer and have access to a circular saw you can do it yourself. Just remember, you're building a chicken coop, not a house. It doesn't have to be perfect, learn as you go, get answers on this site, and when you're done you'll be proud of it. Good luck
I would like to thank all of you for your encouraging words. I was able to start construction on this coop of mine. I have progressed this far as of today and have a little work left to do. I have to roof it, install top back top plate, side it, cut out the nesting box area, install the front window and door, install pop doors and finish trim. After this I'll be able to turn on the inside and do the perch areas and floor work for deep litter.

Attached is some progress.

I can't thank you enough and with a little advice from a retired builder friend I made it this far, mistakes corrected. :)


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