sort of like pasty butt but ive never seen this!!!! idk whats wrong!!


7 Years
May 18, 2012
We got a new flock of 36 chicks last week. We always check for pasty butt and one of the cornish Xs had it a couple of days ago. I treated her (warm water, cotton ball, vasaline) but it seems to have turned weird on me. Its not a hard clump like normal. Its actually very goopy and all her feathers are gone from her bottom. she doesnt seem to want to sit or lay down. her bottom is puckered and there is feces on it at all times, but its not hard. i have been keeping her clean and removed her from the other girls. she seems to shake a little and sort of falls over but catches herself. i have a pic of her bottom but its on my phone and i need to figure out how to post it from there. Any help is appreciated, im so upset i dont want her to be suffering!

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