sounds like a running nose child


11 Years
Mar 18, 2008
st.john's mi
My brahma hen sounds like a runnning nose child a bit moist sound with her breathing occasional sneeze she has had this for about 1.5m nobody else is doing it.I seperated her now. at first I just thought she had choked on some h20 didn't pay attention to her.Tonight i was in the coop after dark and was listening to her breathing.I have some poultry antibiotic from tsc tetracyline I gave her some in h2o hopefully she will drink it she is not happy being away from the flock how long should I isolate her or what else should I do what could she have.Just sounds like abit of a cold.she does eat and drink around act normal other than a little honk or cough or something
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Read up on how to give a chicken a shot. Go to TS and pick up some injectable Tylan50. It is the best, works faster than antibiotics in the water. I believe the dose is 1/4cc for bantms and 1/2cc for standards. You will need to give her a shot daily for 5 to 7 days. She should be fine after that, sounds like an upper respiratory infection. It is very common when the weather starts cooling off.

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