Sour Crop and Molt on 7+ year old hen

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    Jul 5, 2007
    Last week Harriet she wasn't eating her scratch. She's never been one to not eat her treats. And then she wouldn't eat dried meal worms. That's when I knew something was up. She has a really large, squishy crop. It doesn't smell awful, but it doesn't smell good. When I picked her up to feel her, I accidentally vomited her. So then I vomited her some more. This is what came out. She hasn't been eating her food. And she's molting. I've brought her inside and every time I pick her up she loses feathers. She's drinking water and I gave her a bit of yogurt, but she's lethargic and has her tail down. I've been massaging her crop. Her poop is watery yellow. She's and older lady. I found her about 7 years ago and she was of laying age at that time. Any thoughts on dealing with the crop and the molt at the same time? I know she needs to eat to grow her feathers so the sickness is really taking it out of her.

    Also, its been raining here for over a week. Everything is wet, muddy, and moldy. You can see the scratch grains have sprouted since she hasn't eaten them and its been so wet.


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