Sour Crop - Day 4 - Where to go from here

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    Our 1 1/2 yr hen has sour crop that seems to be in a holding pattern and I'm not sure what to do different at this point.

    Four days ago my DH noticed Lucy was acting a little odd and we found she had the tell-tale squishy water balloon crop. We induced vomiting as *most* threads ( I know this is debated) suggested and have segrated her on a small diet of soft foods sprinkled with probiotics (Align).

    On the plus side, she is not lethargic and acting pretty normal so I know she isn't miserable - yet. However she doesn't seem to be getting any better. Her crop is still not emptying out at night but is not a huge balloon. It feels like a water ballon filled about 25% with sand in it which I assume is her crop grit. I don't know if this means it is clogged but emptying a little or if just seems better because we are not giving her an abundance of food (or both). I know she can quickly go downhill from here because she is getting very little through to process as food. Should we be doing anything different? We only induced vomiting the first 24 hours because she seemed to be getting better. Should we still be doing it? Is there anything else we can give her that might help? Should we just keep doing what we're doing? [​IMG]
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    She may have a problem with her gizzard..try giving her some tomato may well help!
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    Would the tomato juice serve the same function as giving them cider vinegar?

    She is not eating well today. [​IMG]

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