sour crop or more??

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    my 6 year old americana has/had sour crop. I assisted her to vomit per reader's suggestion 3 times over three day. On the last attempt she brought up some solid material rather than just foul fluid. Her crop is no longer balloon like and I can't feel anything hard. She no longer vomits when I tip her but see her spill small amounts on her own. I separated her from others, gave her fluid (balance of acv and baking soda which she consumed raveneously) for 48 hrs. Offered yogurt and egg which she initially consumed. She wasn't pooping much so i inserted my tiny finger with oil in her vent and didn't find any blockage. Introduced some oil just to help. She is pooping small amounts. Yesterday she ate some meal worms. Problem is she's still hunched and sluggish. Continues to drink lots of water and pick at soft foods. It's been well over a week and she just hasn't returned to normal. Don't know what to do and not sure what is wrong still. Maybe she's just old and ready? Maybe tumors? Any ideas? Right now I'm just keeping her comfortable and in separate area from her flock where she can still be near them. Would love any suggestions! Thanks
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    Can you take her to a vet?

    Crop issues are often times a symptom of an underlying condition like reproductive disorders, cocci or worms. So, taking a fecal sample to your vet for testing of worms and cocci would be a good idea.

    Does she have any swelling of the abdomen?

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