sour crop with empty crop???


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Jul 28, 2016
please help! Found a very young bird (6mos) in a small sanctuary next to my house. Another neighbor has been feeding it but I caught it last night & have her isolated before flock integration. She's very thin and smells terrible! She has a bad smell coming from her mouth but the crop is empty feeling??? Nothing there. I pulled all food & just have acv h2o to start sour crop treatment but does this sound normal?? She really smells. Checked for injuries, just has spots where blood feathers are coming in with what looks like drying wetness under her wings. old injury? any ideas? am I on the right track?
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Hello chickydo81!

You could wash her and keep on checking on her everyday and hope the young bird does better.
That's what I was thinking too. She seems super stressed right now so I'm going to leave her to settle for a bit but I just thought it was strange having the smell from her mouth but nothing in her crop. I've dealt with sour crop before but there was always something in there so it makes me wonder. I did my homework & looked online first for answers but found nothing so was hoping to get some input here. Thanks for responding this is the second time I've posted on BYC & I literally have to beg to get a response. I edited this posting with "please help" and had to repost my other one twice before someone finally commented. Ah well. Thanks :)

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