Sour crop



Jul 16, 2019
Taylorsville, KY
This hen has had a buldging crop looks like for the past few days. I’m guessing it’s sour crop and I have tried doing the burping, apple cider vinegar water and probiotic yogurt (which is what’s all over her face). But still seems huge. She seems to be eating and drinking just fine and runs around. Any ideas what I can do to help relieve the swollen crop.
I read that article. She isn’t having any problems eating or drinking and she runs around with the rest. As soon as I put food and water out she is right there eating and drinking it up. Her crop feels like a balloon.
@Rhcecil, pay careful attention to everything @azygous posts. She will guide you to reclaiming health for your hen. It wasn’t too many months ago I thought my girl was slowly on her way out. Everything seemed fine with her except that huge, hard crop. After an unsuccessful trip to the vet with my Gabby, Carol led me step by step to having Gabby back with the flock and in much better health. Her crop was back to normal. Good luck.
A crop feeling like a balloon is the first reason to suspect a crop disorder.

The next step is to check the crop first thing in the morning to see if it's emptied overnight. A normal crop will be flat and empty. A sick crop will have contents that refuse to go down, sort of like a toilet that won't empty when you flush.

If you find the crop still full before your hen eats or drinks anything, and it is very important not to feed her or let her drink until you check her, try to determine if the contents feel spongy or hard and lumpy. That will determine which crop disorder you will need to treat.
Do you feel any lumpiness, any solid material? If not, then coconut oil isn't going to be necessary.

A spongy crop, sort of like a water balloon, usually indicates a yeast infection - sour crop. It doesn't always smell like a sour sponge or sauerkraut.

The treatment is an anti-yeast med such as miconazole. You can easily find it in the womens' hygiene products in the store. Get the cream. It's more economical. You'll be dosing the patient with half an inch of cream from the tube once in the morning and once again in the late afternoon. You must do this twice a day for a ful seven days. Or you can buy this. It's a powder and can be mixed with a bit of food.

Meanwhile, don't feed any starching foods or carbs. Dry crumbles is okay and boiled egg and yogurt. Probiotic is also good to help restore the good microbes in her crop and intestines.

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