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May 3, 2009
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Ya had to be there. While cleaning the cellar, I found a dead garter snake caught in an insect 'sticky trap'. (Felt bad about that.) Put the sticky trap and snake in the upstairs kitchen garbage - stickyside down. The Princess came back from Sonic with a strawberry milkshake for me.
They put this yucky fake whipped cream on top of the shake, and I was scraping it into the garbage. Princess was 'adjusting garbage' so that none got on the lid when inadvertantly the sticky trap attached to her hand. Sourland says, "Umm, you know there's a snake attached to your hand, right?" She called me a very bad name inappropriate for this forum, somehow flung the sticky trap off her hand and bolted into the dining room. Sourland went,
. She's mad at me now. Did I do something wrong?
She had a head start on being mad, because while she was away I started clearing the deck in preparation for power washing and staining. Moving the big ole flower boxes, table & chairs went fine, but the grill and I had a little altercation. Ya see I got this ramp down the back deck steps, wheeled the grill over there, placed the front wheels on the ramp, lifted the back of the grill and it was like Xtreme winter sports - DOWN WE WENT.
Hit the ground in a crash landing. Only minor damage to the grill and me, but even prior to the snake incident I was deemed STUPID.
At least you didn't stick it to her pillow for her to find when she was going to bed.

On another note, I, too, was washing the porch/decks today! I let the grill stand where she stood.

Discovered several wasp nests. Note to self: wear shoes.

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