Southeast Texas - Non-Bearded White Crested Black Polish Rooster


In the Brooder
11 Years
Apr 21, 2008
Dear friends,
We have a 6 month old Non-Bearded White Crested Black Polish Rooster that needs a new home. Although he was one of our first roosters to find his voice, the others have outgrown him quickly and he is getting picked on all the time...he's afraid to come out!
He had beautiful white feathers coming out of his head, which I"m sure will grow right back as soon as he can be in a place without other mean boys who pull them out.
We live in Kountze, and would be happy to drive him over to you if you live near us somewhere. Also, we frequently get over to Houston, or could meet half way.....
Leaving me a message on the forum is the best way to contact me a the moment, or at [email protected] after Oct 15th.
Thank you for considering "PomPom" in your flock. I bet he'd make beautiful babies!

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