Southern Utah, How many posts before i'm a out of the brooder...?


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very excited to be here. Hear to pick everyone's brain... I've got to get chatting it seems before I can post pictures of my beautiful birds.
I've just received some standard cochins from Ideal poultry in the mail.. everyone seems to be alive and well aside from a little pastie-butt . problem dealt with, no doubt due to the excellent advice of the seasoned veterans here on BYC..
Chickens seem to be few and far between in southern Utah.. maybe too far from Idaho, but none the less the flock is content in the desert.
Really concerned about keeping the Cochins cool in the sweltering summers here. I'm sure there's plenty of advice on that topic in these forums.
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A warm welcome from an imp in Washington.

Here's a link to the titles:

There will be lots of discussion about dealing with hot weather this summer. Ask any questions you have.

Being in Seattle, I am not an authority on the subject.


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