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    Do square footage calculations per bird refer to total floor area -- up and down in a 2-story coop? Does covered run count?
    I'm in the process of starting a small -- 3 - 4 hens -- backyard flock of smaller, though not bantam, breeds. In the past, (and in a completely different climate), I had a big barn, and never needed to think about space. On this urban lot, though, I've built a multi-compartment coop and run: a 3x3 by 4' high section split into two stories (18 sf total up plus down) that includes nest boxes, and an adjacent 3x3 by4 high area with the ramp (both these are off the ground a few inches and well predator-proofed); and an adjacent 5 x 6 ground-level, fully open-sided, but roofed run (also predator-protected).
    This would be 27 sf of floor area, plus 30' sf of run. Would this all count in per hen area calculations? Does the "5 sf per hen" refer to the enclosed coop (ie: the total 27 sf I have), the coop plus run, just the roosting and nesting area....?
    Thanks for help.

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    [​IMG] I think as a general rule the sq. footage per bird takes into account if, the birds will have to be inside the coop only due to weather. Guessing that is not so much of a issue for you. I did our first coop and run using the 4 sq ft for the coop and 10 sq ft for the run, per bird figures and what I learned is bigger is always better. If you can make your run as large as possible, your birds will be much happier, healthier and have less pecking issues.

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