Speckeled Sussex chick - cockerel?

Onslow's Hens

Dec 29, 2017
Eastern Shore - my happy place...
I have 3, 3 week old speckeled sussex chicks. One has white feathers at the bottom edge of each wing, kind of underneath a bit so you really only see them when it stretches out a wing to stretch. The other 2 do not have these totally white feathers (they all 3 have the typical white tips). I also think that maybe its comb is slightly more pink than the other two. This one is definatley larger than the other two by quite a bit. It is more social with us and likes to be held. Wondering - do I maybe have a roo?? Never seen these totally white feathers on the bottom edge of wings on my speckeled sussex chicks before. Thoughts on these all white feathers??

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