Speckled Sussex and EE Laying Ages


8 Years
Sep 26, 2011
North Carolina
I am downsizing my flock because I find myself way to busy to care for them all so I want to figure out what ones I want to keep. I would like to know the laying age of EE's and Speckled Sussex. I know that EE's are hard to tell but is there an average age?
Mine 2 EE started to lay at 22 weeks (Bea) and 24 weeks (Stella). Bea lays a large pink with white freckles everyday and Stella an extra large mint green every other. What good ladies.
Both my EE's and my SS laid their first egg around 23-26 weeks. My one EE lays 12 eggs before taking a day off, my other EE lays 6 eggs a week. My SS also lays 11-12 eggs in a row before taking a day off. My EE eggs are bigger and I swear my olive egger(EE) lays the best tasting egg. The EE eggs are bigger then the SS.

Here's a pic of my eggs, the tiny one is from my bantam d'uccle.
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2 of my 5 my SS started laying at 22 weeks they are 24 weeks today and one in still not laying. She does have an excuse though she has had sour crop for over a week now.
I have 6 EEs and my first started laying at 27 weeks and 1 day (just over a week ago). I now have two laying for sure and a third that should be laying any time now. The other three just don't look ready to lay yet and now they are 28 weeks as of yesterday.
All of mine are 26 weeks old. So far, only one of my EE's is laying and she's been laying for about two weeks, judging by the massive pile of eggs I found hidden in the corner of the coop yesterday.
I'm still shaking my head over that one! Still nothing from my SS.

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