Speckled Sussex take three


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7 Years
May 13, 2012
Hello again, I'm back with this crazy Speckled Sussex again. I've been sharing photos of this bird since "she" was 8 weeks old. "She" is now 26 weeks old and I think definitely looking like a rooster. It's been very confusing, because for awhile I was getting differenly shaped, differently colored brown eggs. (I have one black australorpe, and the rest are EE so green and blue eggs). Now, no mystery eggs, but also no crowing.

This was 16 weeks- everyone said HEN

This is now- 26 weeks

she is a cockerel instead. you see those long slender pointed feathers at the base of the tail? those are his saddles and only a roosters saddle will look like that (the hens saddle just looks like the rest of her body). his hackles (neck feathers) are also long slender and pointed just like his saddles. the sickles also say cockerel though i have seen hens with sickles like his (those 2 longer tail feathers)

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