Spit gargling and maybe impacted crop?


5 Years
Oct 9, 2014
Hi all,

One of my Light Sussex girls is having issues....

I was in the chook yard the other morning and one of my ladies had a huge string of spit hanging from her beak and was making a worrying gargling sound. I pulled the spit out and rubbed her all over and she coughed a bit and was then fine. Im worried, however, about the underlying cause of this symptom... I googled the heck out of it and all I managed to get was possible impacted crop. I went out this morning to check of all crops were empty and the chooky in question had a small amount in her crop still (just over a tablespoon maybe). It wasnt squishy or tender, just not empty. Ive added some apple cider vinegar to the water and restricted access to long grass. I also massaged her crop to see if that could get things moving. Not sure if its related, but both of my girls have really fluffy bums that always get dags stuck in them. I bathe them regularly and they seem fine - poop is firm and normal looking - just stuck! Its bizarre, though, because she is her normal chirpy self! Not lethargic or withdrawn like all the descriptions say. Should I keep going with what Im doing and see if things improve or does it sound like something different altogether? Could I be giving them an incorrect diet? Im stumped because they both behave so healthily! Any insight would be great.

Hi there.

If there are otherwise healthy it is definitely a wait and see. Don't want to risk causing an injury by fiddling.

Do they get grit? Impacted crops are very rare.

It's not that unusual for a chicken to "puke" occasionally. I have seen the odd one of mine do this .


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