Splash has something Wrong with- EMERGENCY ASMA- Possible Resp Infection


9 Years
Jul 28, 2014
Hey all,

Splash has a problem.. He may have a Respiratory Infection And we have no Vets.. HE is wheezing and we gave him some plain Yogurt,

He also has dark feet, and their are no signs for bumble-foot
What do I do?
I just looked on the bottom of his foot and its clear- Bumblefoot (I had other family members look at his foot)

Anyways, He is wheezing, so it could be just a factor of being scared or wounded.. HE doesn't walk at all, he prefer's to flap his wings.
Hello, I just noticed no one responded to you. If he has a respiratory infection you can treat him with some tylan 50. It's an injectable antibiotic but it's good for respiratory problems in birds. I used it on one of my peacocks when they had wheezing as a chick and it worked great. You can get it at tractor supply and they also have the needles. Do a google search for dosing and instructions on how to give an injection.
As for the bumble foot, I would take care of any respiratory problems before you do surgery but in the meantime you can clean the wound with any antiseptic you have on hand (iodine, alcohol, etc) for now. If you can get it, Vetericyn vf is ideal for treating bumblefoot. It's a bit pricey but it goes a long way.
Hope this helps to get you started. I could go into more detail if needed...
How is Splash doing?

I agree if it's a respiratory infection, antibiotics are needed right away. Remember that sometimes they can get aspergiliosis. That is a fungal infection and requires a different kind of medication. I would try the antibiotic first and if there is not improvement in 24 hours or so, I would look into what to use for a fungal infection. If it is viral, then I would think keeping him relatively warm, giving vitamins and trying to support his immune system would be the way to go.

Bumblefoot often does not need surgery. Cutting the feet is risky. You can treat most cases of bumblefoot by soaking the foot in Epsom salt water solution (it is a laxative, do not let Splash drink it), then following with clear (clear, not brown) iodine, a few drops on the swelling. Then wait 5 or 6 days - a black scab should form, and that can then be soaked well, and gently pulled off. If it does not come off fairly easily, reapply the clear iodine and wait a few more days. The scab, when it comes off, will bring some of the pus out of the wound. You may need to do it a time or two to completely clean it out.
Splash is not Doing well...

Day #1-

Thank you all so much for your concerns, I (and the family) are very worried that he might not make it... He has been in the crate on our porch for 2 days.. And he has been opening his mouth just to breath (I think), I don't think he can breath out of his nose. For his Bumble-foot problem, we had soaked the foot in epsom salt and luke-warm water, he was totally miserable.. I got in the tub with him and started walking around (Because I had clothes on). He has a general fear of all of us, Including me.When he and I were in the bath tub, he would let me move him around and things like that, he would let me get near him (Typical Splash, He was totally not himself). Since I knew that he hated me, I knew he was not feeling well.

After his bath he was put back in his crate.

Day #2- I went to see how he was doing and I noticed small cuts on his feet, ants had been accumulating. We took him in the house and I put some Plant Therapy Germ-free ointment, with some poly Bacitracin. He is now back in his crate. Again, We have no vet around our area and cannot afford to spend 300$ on an appointment..

We will not do any surgery on his foot, Like @Amiga said, I think we will try removing the scab- In the near future.

We did stop by our Feed store, and we asked the Guys who ran the place about tylon 50, they said that a Duck with wheezing giving him antibiotics would kill him.. So instead, we got some VetRX For his respiratory upper,. Then we got some Electrolyte, That I will now warm up and cover his nasal passages.
I don't know what to say, other than please look in the archives here for stories of people whose veterinarians prescribed antibiotics for respiratory infections. Take a look in Storey's Guide.

I understand that when you are new, you look to certain people to give you good information - So rather than argue with what the clerk said, I am asking you to look further and see if the experience of others on the Duck Forum goes along with what he said.

There are folks on the forum who have used VetRX.

This does not mean that you guys are wrong, We don't have a vet to prescribe medications.. And I bet you do, Even though I care deeply for splash, 300$ for a vet visit isn't quite worth it.. He is special to me and my family, and we are trying to do this the simplest way we can. Without proper measurements on certain prescriptions (Because I am new at this) I cannot give Splash the prescriptions that he may need, for the lack of an overdose- Due to him dying.. If I can find some professional help, then We will make that decision. For now, We will try optical Ointments, and see if we can get anywhere.


The man said that Giving Ducks Medicated chicken food also will kill him.. I do understand that These other people have used antibiotics prescribed by vets and it worked, but Splash is a different sized duck, and the proportions could be even more misleading.

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