Spoiled chickens

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  1. No, I'm not talking about MEAT here, I'm talking about the hens themselves!

    When I let them out to free-range each evening, they don't seem to have a clue how to catch grasshoppers or crickets.

    They do, however, snap them up when I catch the bugs and HAND them to Bo and The Production Reds!!

    I've installed a fan in their tractor.
    I'm building a chunnel for their safe (and SPACIOUS) exercise.
    I let them out everyday after the dogs go back inside, and when I don't, they squawk loud enough to remind me it's their turn!

    I wonder if I'm the only woman in Dallas with Spoiled Chickens? LOL!
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    I think I can go you one better....

    They get ice water about 2 pm and cold fruit.

    I have poor dear hubby "dig a hole" for them so they can stay cool. (We have lil Holes all over now and NOT from the chickens diggin them!)

    At 7:30 pm sharp, they start standing by the pen door, ready for me to let them out to "play" before bed.

    At 9 pm sharp, one of them starts crying and telling me its time to go to bed. This is outside, now ...wait til you hear what happens INSIDE.

    Ok, my Fussy an Red are 14 weeks old now, only come in from 9 pm to 6 am.

    Ok, in their lil box I keep them in, ...err..they keep themselves in...for the most part which is in the kitchen...If I dont have the ceiling fan on, one, my EE, jumps to the edge of the box and looks up, looks at me, looks up again...keeps doing this until I turn it ON. (Even if I am freezing!, she is hotblooded..sigh)

    Peer over the edge of the box when I have the light on in their eyes, like they are saying "we are TRYING to sleep here....". Mom now wont come in to ice water at night...afraid to "wake up" the chickens...lol

    If I dont have a "bedtime" snack for them, they fuss at me for 30 minutes, scolding me....

    They are spoiled bratlings for sure....
  3. We trained them to run up to our porch when let out of the coop. Now all afternoon I’m saying, “GO EAT A BUG!” b/c they are so spoiled and porch-bound. “BE A CHICKEN!”

    It’s more like having puppies. [​IMG]

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