Spoiled LIttle Ladies

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    Dec 9, 2012
    So I started my flock last spring 2 RIR's Maude and Madeline, 2 Buff Bantums Piper and Penelope and 2 Wyndottes Etta and Eleanor. I told my husband that they would grow on him but I never imagined the extent that he has fallen for these lovely ladies. He talks about them to everyone. They follow him around the yard like he is a momma duck. It's wonderful to watch. He spoils them daily with treats (apples, cracked corn, veggies) and has spoken to me more than once when I don't have a special treat in the house to share with them. They follow him up the stairs onto the deck and stare at him from the glass pane door fully expecting to come in and hang out. It's hysterical. Just wanted to share the story. We just hatched 3 new babies on February 10th 3 Barred Rocks Fred and Wilma and a Black Australope Molly. So excited to grow our flock. My daughter just acquired 12 new chicks and is on her way with her flock. Exciting times!
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    [​IMG] Introduce your husband to chicken math...
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    So lucky! My man is just not THAT into them, like I am!

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