Sporadic laying?


6 Years
Jun 4, 2014
Greenville OH
My white leghorn started laying 2 weeks ago. We were getting an egg at least every other day the first week. And she was laying them in the coop in a corner the first few times and then the nesting basket a couple of times. Now we haven't seen an egg in 6 days. Is this normal? They free range all day, should I be egg hunting or can they go this long without laying once they start?
New layers can be pretty sporadic, but with a White Leghorn, especially if it is a commercial type bird, I would be going on an egg hunt. My hatchery WLs are really really bad at hiding nests.
I'd pop some plastic or ceramic eggs into her nesting box (to give her the idea of where it is appropriate to lay) and then lock her in the coop for a couple for days.

I know it sounds harsh, but I think she has to re-learn where she should be laying - and it's not in her secret nest!

Good luck, and well done on finding her stash!


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