Spot Of Blood In Poo *UPDATE*


12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
Gander is in with chicks and mom - he is eating a lot of grass and a whole bunch of the mazzuri chick starter - can't keep his face out of it. He has eaten some chick grit too. No telling what else.

Today it was 97 here and still - no wind. TEXAS HOT and STILL and miserable. Mom and Gander were panting. Gander had water dripping out of his nose now and then.

This morining I noticed a dot of blood in his poo when he squirted on the plywood ramp into their pen area. It was about the size of a piece of pepper or flake of red pepper.

SCARY!!!!!!! Panting cause it's hot obviously - got cold water in there, lots of ventilation but no wind, they are in shade, finally cooling a little now but tomorrow is another day.

What is the water dripping out of his nose like a runny nose? It's not gushing but it's dripping every now and then noticibly.... seems like it is when he drops his head to pull grass or hangs his head down every now and then it's like some clear fluid runs out like water - not a whole lot enough to see - like he dipped his beak and still has a some water in it....

What is the spot of blood? Never seen it before - something to be concerned about and he is eating too much babyfood? Mazzuri starter is 20% protien....

Hmmmm..... Ideas?
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It probably has nothing to do with the heat. The most likely cause is that the bird has some kind of intestinal parasites -- has he been wormed? Could also be caused by an infection, a foreign object passing through the intestines, that sort of thing.

If its just a small amount and infrequent, its probably no big deal, other than the fact it definitely could be a sign of worms. I'd start by worming the bird and see if it has visible parasites and if worming takes care of it.

The nasal discharge -- could be related or a separate issue. The bird could have an infection of some kind. Maybe start him on a broad-spectrum antibiotic?
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Thanks! It was a sweltering 97 unusually here in Texas high pressure and NO WIND today. I had to put fans on broody other goose in her goose barn and the chickens were dying - not litterally but still. Dug out the cut short baby pool and put it in the pen for them.

I'll monitor gander in the morning. I put Sav-A-Chik in the water 1pkt/1 gallon for the goslings (4-2 days old there are 4 of them) and see if maybe that helps everyone tomorrow is not supposed to be as hot but 71 tonight! That's insane.

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