Spraddle leg in a 3- 4 week old chick?


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Apr 27, 2015
i have a now 5 week old bantam Cochin chick that is having some issues with standing/walking. When it was younger, it was normal like the other chicks. Last week when I went to bring them inside, I noticed it was laying down in the corner. When it got up, I noticed it had difficulties walking/standing. I have since made and used two different types of braces. I used a medical tape for one. The other brace I had made used a rubberband with a piece of straw in between. Neither seem to be working. The brooder has plenty of pine chips. I do a little bit of physical therapy with it every other day. I basically take it out and away from the brooder so it will get up and walk back to the brooder. I even filled the sink up with warm water and put it in there so it could try to stand up with some help. It just sat in there and floated like a little duck. Haha. I'm so worried about what the future is going to be like for this chick. Any suggestions?


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Apr 3, 2011
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Could you post a picture or two of it standing? Leg bone deformities and tendon problems are common in chickens. Does one leg turn in or out, or stick out or behind from the body? First of all, give your chick some poultry vitamins with minerals. Poultry Booster is one that mixes into the feed, and Poultry Cell is given orally--1 or 2 ml daily. If you can't find those, just start some poultry vitamins. Chick chairs can help with getting chicks up if there is an injury.


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