*Spring Special - BIN* Call Ducks, Muscovy, Goose, and Guinea Hatching Eggs

Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

Fluffy Feather Farm
12 Years
Jan 26, 2010
Texas, Panhandle
Price includes shipping.

I'm overrun with eggs from my various ladies and need to find somebody else's incubator to put them in!

Here is what I have currently:

19 Call Duck eggs (they are all running around together so no idea on colors..there are whites, black bibbed, chocolate bibbed, pied, and greys)

1 Goose egg from my free range gaggle of geese

4 Lavender Guinea eggs

5 Muscovy eggs ( Chocolate Pied, White/Lav, Blue Pied)

I can split these eggs up, or I can sell them as a packaged deal. It doesn't matter to me. But these eggs need to ship off ASAP, I've been collecting them all week.

I ship Priority Mail (2-4 day shipping), I packaged the eggs as best I can, but CANNOT and WILL NOT guarantee your hatch rate, nor how the P.O. will treat them once they leave my hands.

I prefer to ship Mon-Wed, that way the eggs will not sit in the P.O over the weekend.

Any questions? PM me and I will respond as quickly as I can.

Blessings -

~ Aspen​
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