"Springing in the Chicks" 2016 April Hatch-a-Long Hosted by Mike & Sally

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    Springing into chicks Hatch along membership


    By: lindalouly and Chaos18
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    A work in progress.. this is what I have for the members of the HAL. I will need to fill in information as I get it.

    @BantyChooks 10 OEGB x silkie eggs under a broody 3/29!


    @campingshaws 12 isbar
    4 bielefelder
    4 merlerault
    4 niederrhiner

    UNDETERMINED number of camp eggs. Hoping to find HRIR in the boxes today

    @jnr005 will be setting April 1 or 2nd.. EE, copper marans, olive eggers.


    @Yorkshire coop Brisea 20. Needs prayers for fertile eggs.Picking Tolbunt polish eggs up tomorrow, so [​IMG] they should be hatching April 8th ish [​IMG]

    @Razadia Barnyard mutts

    @chickygirl7 Looking for duck and polish eggs to hatch


    @Laurel Meadows Aliak J&TRanch... Hatch date planned for April1 Blue and splash Marans. plans to stagger hatch with cochin eggs in a week or so.


    @tao chick Mad chicken labs?? building an incubator from a mini fridge which will start a set soon, hopefully. I have 15 Cream Brabanter due to hatch April 1st that are set in my MacGyverbator. I am considering building an incubator out of an electric grill and an old oven. I have to make a few changes to my barn before I can put all the egg incubating devices in my Mad Chicken Lab.
    1 in lockdown due to hatch tomorrow
    7 in bator due to lockdown the 6th, hatch 9th
    11 in bator due to lockdown the 9th, hatch 12th
    3 in bator due to lockdown the 12th, hatch 15th

    I'm probably going to set 12 more this weekend.


    @mamahmendez Brinse 20 Looking for ancona duck eggs 12 eggs from neighbors farm
    18 eggs from Farmers Market, sold as fertile
    30 eggs set, Due 3/31 - 4/1 (I set late at night)

    Current: 12 infertile, all Farmers Market (Egtopsy results)
    11 Neighbor eggs seem to be developing, 1 Hard to tell Welsummer
    6 Farmers Market appear to be developing


    @jwlpoultry I have an update but to lazy to work with numbers at the moment.....but I have goose eggs, chickens eggs,and duck eggs all due for an April hatch. Will let you know on numbers later.

    @sarah25bear I will be setting on April 10th not sure what all I will be hatching. I am going to take the weekend of May 1st off hoping they hatch on my birthday!!!

    @deserteggs22 Barnyard mixes

    @FeatherCreek 2 Royal Palm Turkey eggs Due April 1

    @Purpletie3 hatching a dozen ? in March?

    @blkjak setting late in April


    @CLSranch Dark cornish due on April 2nd.



    @Sueg4332 Set Hen turkey eggs. 5/6 5/5

    @pjnbill22 6 cockoo bluebar, EE, Plymoth mutts.

    @Susieq2015 March 28 and April 18 Saphires

    Okay so I have decided what I am going to set. I am going to set Wood Duck eggs, Silkies, SLP, and BLRW. I will be using a LG 9300 with a replaced thermostat by Incukit as my incubator, them I will be using the farm innovators for hatching if I need it. If I set my wood duck eggs a week before then I should be okay to hatch in the LG if not then I will need to transfer. [​IMG] super excited!!



    @Brittsplace 9 silkie eggs for son
    @Nin315 Auction bought Black and blue copper marans. and white silkies from Elvis and Marylinn.

    @jphendrix 18 eggs set, hatchdate April 3 Aiming for a staggered hatch due April 10

    @Sally Sunshine color coded calendar with color coded eggs in the bator right Overachiever.. lol

    @mlm Mike

    @lindalouly Coolerator build to hatch quail eggs and mixed mutts in April.

    @firedragon1982 Set 14 silkie eggs this morning, to go along with my Lav Cuckoo D'Anvers eggs and Golden Necked D'Uccle eggs. Now I just need a bantam coop....

    @jewelsong i ordered some Orpington eggs and will also set some Jersey Giant eggs, some RIR's and some RIR/EE mixes... hopefully I will have them ready to set this weekend? that is my hope anyway.... can't wait for chicks!

    @brightpennies 5 fertile chicken eggs under my banty (who has never been a mom before), 7 fertile chicken eggs in the 'bator, and 15 unknown duck eggs in the 'bator to boot. We'll see what we get. This is all for science since my only prior attempt to hatch with a broody Pekin went horribly awry. Potential due dates are April 4 and 11. I guess we'll see how it goes!


    @KeyFlock Hi all! I set 37 eggs yesterday, due to hatch on April 4th. They are a barnyard mix. Rhode Island Red rooster and Barred Rock X White Leghorn rooster. Hen wise I have: Black sex link, Red sex link, RIR, Barred Rock, White Leghorn, Brown Leghorn, Barred Rock crosses, and a Light Brahma. Looking forward to adorable chickies!
    Feel free to correct me. LOL

    @butterfliesdoku Bielefelders, Legbars and Easter Eggers! I have 15 Easter Eggers and 11 Silver Grey Dorking eggs due the 21st

    @ChickenGrass Hope to be setting cream legbars in April.

    @speney I will be setting eggs the first of April I'm just not sure what kind yet it depends on what I can get my hands on lol

    @heatherledet We're set! Well the eggs are! [​IMG] Day 2! Due on the 4th! I have 4 old english bb reds and 5 phoenix crosses(mutts) locked down today!

    @country lovin On the waiting list for some cream legbar eggs so I might be in! n 3/25- set 7 cream legbar, 7 sapphire, 5 Sally's projects, 7 lavender Orpington.

    @hereorthere Just have a variety of BCMs, Welsummers, and Olive Egger's. Prolly more Olives - can't wait to see what hatches. Hit day 14 last night - air cells look good, but am already down to 13% weight loss on majority of my eggs. Upped the humidity a tad as I was worried I'd already sucked the life outta them and mummified them all before lock-down.[​IMG] But all 25 eggs are good. It's a barnyard mix as I've got 2 competing males - a Wellie roo and a mutt roo who's Wellie x BCM (is it the male x female in these equations?). Am leaving on an outing tomorrow and will be back to take the Brinsea off the turner and go into lockdown Sunday night.

    @harrellkd I'll be putting more eggs in the first of April

    @Honora I will be setting Orpington eggs from Papa's Poultry again. I just sold my cockerel a couple of weeks ago & he had just been starting to mate the hens so I might throw in a couple of my hens' eggs as well & see if anything hatches. Those would be half lemon cuckoo Orp and half bbs bantam Orp if any hatch. Now that I think of it I should probably check a few & see if they look fertile.

    @CoopDeDoo I am getting some eggs to put under my broody this weekend - should hatch April 8th(ish)

    @firedragon1982 hopping into the HAL a little late. Just received 12 D'uccle and 6 D'Anvers eggs...

    @LocalYokel QuailI let 5 of the quail eggs sit in 100 degree vinegar, checked with a thermo, for between 5 and 6 minutes.

    I hope to be able to candle Coturnix Quail eggs more easily by removing the "paint" on the shell.

    I only selected less than 12 grams eggs for this purpose, selected at random. I would like to see if this decreases Hatchability, or is neutral. 12 Leghorns and 6 RIR and quail is undetermined....

    @Coreenelane My incubator made by grandson and class mate will be free to set more eggs around April 10th. Right now eggs are being incubated for a science project that both boys are working on. The second clutch is in a large dog crate in the class mates garage. The hen was given 6 eggs from other chickens and showed signs of broodiness before the science project started. The next day she laid an egg and pushed out 3 of the original eggs. Next day she laid another and is sitting on them. Hope to learn a lot and incubate more eggs. Grandkids showing chickens in 4-H and selling eggs. Hens are paying for the feed and I want to breed and sell chickens. Candled some Sultun eggs today and so far so good. Trying to separate silkis and Sultuns so I don't have any cross breading. I think my silkis are starting to lay but not sure. I am finding very light cream small eggs but I thought I read somewhere that they laid peewee size eggs.

    @emvickrey I plan on putting my new bator to use this year.

    @jrc85 firing up the incubator.

    @Mirajane Firing up the incubator to see what she can hatch

    @chicken19 I have some chicks that I'm hatching right now. They are 12 americaunas, 12 production reds, and 2 caramel queens.

    @DwayneNLiz I will be setting around 40 eggs I think, mostly barnyard mutts, and the guy at the Napa down the road is giving me 2 dozen bantam/Silkies. Going to use my neighbors incubator-she's had good luck with it. Probably set them on Saturday 3/26

    @kybyxbee I am on day 6, it says "heart, brain, and eyes are more prominent.

    @Penny Hen I am planning to hatch some local Silkies and some Bantam Silver Penciled Wyandottes. I also might throw in some of my OE's.

    @Peachickie I'm sure I'll be setting more eggs in April. I'm hatching some silkies and olive eggers for my sister's birthday 4/16.

    @philyaw539 26 eggs

    @ChickenLady2014 I have 3 hatches currently scheduled to hatch in April

    @Cynthia12 I'm setting some Bantam Cochin eggs tonight. Should hatch around the 12th...I think.

    @draye Set 74 Naked Neck, some will hatch fully feathered, @ about 5:30 PM.

    @chicken hawk 33 Mixed barnyard mixes with a delaware as a roo.

    @melnjerm I'm not on there. I'll be setting at least 13 cream legbar eggs and 6 olive eggers (blue maran/legbar) eggs this weekend
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    [​IMG] I love fast friends.
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    A bunch of crazy mixes. I have four slots in the bator. Who gets set??

    Hens: EE, BCM, polish, cochin, HRIR, australorp, mixes

    Roos: HRIR, EE.
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    Chocolate, Bunny & Coffee all from the EHAL. Not nearly the pic quality of Bubbles or Sally :lau
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    I'm in! I have a bunch of eggs due to hatch tomorrow. I have to actualy count how many though lol
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    BCM, Polish and HRIR get my vote, in that order :)
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    Do one of each color.
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    My Coop
    How old are they?
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    I can't count I guess. Or the bator fairy added another rail when I wasn't watching. They all fit! :lau So they're all set. :weee

    @lindalouly @LocalYokel

    12 isbars
    4 bielefelder
    4 merlerault
    4 niederrhiner

    5 EE
    2 HRIR x ?
    1 BCM x?
    1 polish x ?
    1 cochin x ?
    1 ??? X ???
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    Thank you! I had to look up "woosa." I'm going to use that term in a conversation tomorrow. Learn something new every day. Seriously, thank you for the :hugs I needed them.

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