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Jun 1, 2008
Southern CA
My dad caught a Humbolt squid a while back. We cut it up and tried to eat it, but the flavor wasn't good. Too much of an iodine taste to it. Can I feed it to my khaki campbell duck and chicks in small amounts?
Wish I could help but we don't have a lot of squid in Michigan
I fed mine minnows last weekend so my gut tells me if it's a seafood that won't hurt people it won't hurt chickens, but I'd rather you get some feedback from someone with a little more experience with such things.
Alright thanks, I'll just keep it in the freezer for a bit then. I'm sure that it is fit for human consumption and normally I love squid, but this particular one just has too much iodine flavor to be palatable. I'm sure that it would be good protein for then plus full of great trace minerals. I know sea food is a great source of selenium, sodium, iodine, but I don't want them to get too much because they can be toxic in large amounts.
The Humbolt Squid, or "Diablo Rojo," is a really aggressive squid. My family is located in the area of Santa Barbara, CA and there is really good squid fishing right off the Channel Islands. My dad loves to fish, but I swore I would never go squid fishing again because these things are really scarry. On time when we went out (night fishing) one guy got knocked off the boat, and the squid would have eaten him alive if he had been in the water longer but thankfully they just got in a few bites and they were little. The biggest one my dad ever caught was 73 pounds, but I've heard of others bagging ones 200lbs or more in Mexico.


The only meat that I got from this squid was some fillets from the body, so I don't have to worry about the sucker pads then. I'll go ahead and defrost it and start feeding little pieces to the girls. Thanks LynneP
I only had regular packaged squid form the grocer, but my birds LOVED it.
I use the body for calimari, and fed them the raw tentacles. They went crazy, and I was pretty proud of myself for dosing them with extra protien (and omega 3s?).
Noooooooo! The best part of squid for calamari is the tentacles! The crunch so nicely, and with a little fresh parsley and lemon sprinkled over it you can't find a better meal! Not enough people eat them and it's just sad on what they are missing out on
What is calamari anyway?

I would think chickens would like squid, since some people say they like prawn shells.

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