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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by walkswithdog, Mar 17, 2009.

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    I'm going to strangle Mildred. She is my first broody, she's a bourbon red and if she doesn't just settle down she's gonna make me crazy. Bad enough she's decided the best place is the hen house. It's like having Godzilla in there. Then there's the growling. You know it's a lot more intimidating when they weigh 16 lbs. I thought she'd broken up and given up on them, then I find her in there making the chickens insane.

    Tomorrow if she's still there I'm giving the eggs back. But OMG turkey, make up your mind! She's had a few chicken eggs and several wood ones since I pulled the batch she'd started. Now she's back and apparently determined, certainly she's LOUD about it.

    Fine she can have them back if she's still sitting tomorrow but jeez...

    I think we're both confused. But I can't see her trying to do that and not have at least the potential for success. Oh well, we'll both live and learn, I just have those MOMENTS where the bird needs to die.

    New Questions? Anything I can do to keep her there? Feed her there? The hiss is scary but she hasn't pecked me. She's on shavings, would straw help? She has six eggs loosely defined as starting to set at Mar 15, but is laying more and the other hens are laying there, do I take the others out?

    With them all laying in the same place things get complicated... Oh help.
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    "It's German Shepherd Dog, they HERD, they don't Ard and they don't Pard, they don't Erd. "

    Sorry to hijack your thread - but AWESOME sig. I have had that very same arguement for years (Australian ShepHERDS) :-D
    I finally gave up, I have Border Collies and Kelpies now. (No, the Kelpies are NOT little Dobermans.) *sigh*
    What fo you think of folks selling 'full blood' pitt bills? "Full blood" - so, they're not anemic, good! But two T's in pit? Come on.
    Sorry, but I had to post, sounds like we may possibly be kindred spirits. :)
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    um mine arent mean or loud but i know what u mean by, oh shes finally broody, then she leavs, leave her own eggs in her nest and she will sit when shes ready, turkeys are smarter than chickens in the way tha they know which eggs are theirs and whick ones arent, they will roll eggs out they dont like, good luck

    PS> i have two broody bourbons right now, ones sweet, and ones not so sweet.
  4. walkswithdog

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    Jul 17, 2008
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    I love kelpies and BC's, and Aussies for that matter. Been doing herding breed rescue for about 12 years, probably more, I lose count. I have had Aussie neighbors so I've been around a lot of Kelpies and Dingo mixes. Cool animals in the right home.

    Yeah full blooded is a thing. I have a pit bull (full breed name American Pit Bull Terrier APBT) here now who was dumped. I also still love the "champion lines," BS and oh yes everyone's favorite TEACUP anything...

    See I can hijack my own thread. [​IMG]

    Back to the silly BR, I'm going out there this morning to see if she's broken up or decided to stay. I could cheerfully throttle her but then where would I be?

    I'll try feeding her there if she's in place.

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