stage 2? McMurray chicks


15 Years
Jan 31, 2008
NW Oregon
My McMurray chicks will be 5 weeks old this weekend.
They had been set up in 2 households when they were 1 week old. Starting getting sick as you all know at just under 3 weeks.

Last Thursday when they were just shy of 4 weeks we took the 3 worst in to be euthanized necropsied and tissue samples sent out - I spoke with the vet staff on tuesday, it may be until the end of this week or early next week before I have lab results.

Before our chicks got sick we placed an order w/ Ideal that will be shipped today.

Yesterday we decided since it is likely that all our chicks are at some level fighting the virus (we still have loose stools in some of the chicks) to put all the chicks at one house, my friend house. Today I will strip down the "chick room" clean with virkon and be ready for my Ideal chicks as early as Thursday but more likely friday.

It is silly but I miss my chicks.
we built a pen last night in my friends garage that is 6x10 or 12'. The chicks were all new to their new pen and it was funny to see them get to know their new friends.

I know very soon I will have 25 new little chicks to fuss over. Some will be a surprise! As we ordered heavy and rare breed pullet assortments to finish off our order of 25.

We are hopeful that our McMurray chicks will have good lives. But will wait to make a decision on their fate until we have final lab results and feedback from our Avian vet.

whatever does not kill us! I hope makes us smarter and stronger!
Good Luck!


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