Stainless Steel Electric Feather Plucker ( EZ-151-1100 )


10 Years
Dec 10, 2009
Picking Hundred chickens a day ... No Problem !!!

We provide the poultry industry with the affordable in-processing equipment specifically built for Small Farms, Hobby Farms, Backyard or Small Commercial Businesses. Our commercial grade equipment is designed for our customers to see a significant reduction in processing time at a fraction of the cost.
Stainless Steel Electric Feather Plucker ( EZ-151-1100 ) Size Small

Can be used for backyard or small commercial businesses !!! These electric models are pickers/pluckers for poultry that removes feathers off chickens, ducks, turkeys, pheasants, quail and geese in as little as 10 - 30 seconds (duck , turkeys and geese may take longer time ). ( Duck and Geese may only removal 30% to 70% of the Feather ) Simply scald chickens, then drop birds into the tub. In 30-45 seconds or less the birds will be picked clean. No pin feathers, no backache. And it is ready to use !!! No need to build or install any plucking fingers !!! Plucking fingers is already in place !!!

After peel off Protecion wrapping will look silver color ( Stainless Steel look )

On/Off Switch
Dual Track Pulley + Dual Belt
Water hose adapter
Tub's Diameter 19.5 inch
Plucker Diameter 21W x 21L x 36 H
Brand New
Electric motors : 220v 1100w
Stainless steel tub easy clean-up
Steel Frame / Shaft
Aluminum plate
Feather & Water Discharge
151 Ultra-soft plucking fingers

*** Aval date for pick up or ship out March-10-2010 ***
How it work ???
1. Plug into a 220v outlet. ( For 110v , you need a Voltage Converter Transformer )
2. Put “ready birds” (Poultry already been soaked or scalded in hot water) into the tub.
3. 15 - 40sec .. When done, turn the power switch off. ( You have a clean birds )


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