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    Hello BYC people! In case you need it I have the new Standard of Perfection.
    Just PM me for specifications on any breed, variety, sex etc.

    Modern Game

    And I'll reply....

    Male Modern Game Bantam

    Cockerel: 20oz. Cock: 22oz.

    Comb,Face,Wattles and Ear lobes: Dark Purple
    You get the Idea
    Strict limit of 3 per PM.
    Label your subject: Standard of Perfection for / enter breed here/.
    Thank You!
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    It's a beautiful book, isn't it? I love the color plates.
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    Isn't the info copyrighted though? As in, one is not allowed to take direct information from and give out to public unless with permission? Example - Breed Clubs often give the standard for the breed type for good reference.
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    That would be a YES, the Standard of Perfection material is copyrighted and subject to the use guidelines as found in the Fair Use Doctrine and elsewhere. I'm sorry Gomes Bantams, but what you are offering to everyone (multiple Standard of Perfection descriptions for any and all of the breeds and varieties listed in the Standard) is technically outside the envelope of what the American Poultry Association (the copyright holder) would consider legitimate. Breed clubs that wish to post the text of standard descriptions are required to 1)request permission to do so, and 2)post only limited quotations (e.g. ONE breed description). Any posted Standard of Perfection materials must be accompanied by the copyright annotation and the statement that those materials are being used with permission of the APA. What you are offering is essentially a menu of the complete array of breed and/or variety descriptions in the American Standard of Perfection free to anyone out on the internet. That type of activity would primarily violate the Fair Use Doctrine element that protects copyright holders from any kind of duplication/republication or use that would significantly impact the sale of the original copyrighted document. Even though you are purportedly doing it for free, that doesn't provide a waiver from the Fair Use Doctrine protections.

    Enjoy your new Standard, and share limited quotations if you will, but please refrain from putting out those significant blocks of Standard descriptions on demand. The APA will appreciate your compliance and accommodation.[​IMG]

    Sam Brush

    President, American Poultry Association
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  5. Gomes Bantams

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