Staples vs. glue/mastic for vinyl sheet flooring in coop???

Should I staple or glue the vinyl flooring in my coop?

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Sep 25, 2007
Okay, I've been searching & searching, and have only found one thread with not a lot of responses. I've got an 8x8 wood shed that I'm converting to a growout coop; I have a large piece of vinyl flooring already trimmed to fit perfectly, but we can't decide whether to glue it or staple it. DH prefers to staple, I feel like glue would be better, because in our last coop, we stapled it, and it's coming up on a seam...THIS coop will not have seams in the flooring, so maybe it would be okay to just staple it - what do you think? I really do not want to have to add edging in the way of quarter round or firring strips or whatever...I need to get this done! But - if you think I should use the edging, tell me why! THANKS!
I used staples in both of my coops. Works fine in coop #1 as it is all one big piece from wall to wall. In the second one, geese pulled up the vinyl at the doorway. Also I had a pieced area where I ran short of vinyl. Water (of course) spilled over that pieced edge and I had to rip it up to dry. Also hard to shovel deep litter off of the pieced and stapled areas. Whole second coop needs redone, but doubt that I get it done.
Glue is more secure in terms of preventing 'rippling' in the middle of the floor. OTOH it will be a great big pain in the patootie if/when you ever have to replace the vinyl.

Personally I am a staple or screw-through-battens kind of gal, but if you don't mind the possibility of an annoying situation some years down the road, glue does have some advantage.

Wynette, I think the previous poster was saying that it was the *pieced* areas (which happened also to be stapled) that were a pain to clean -- I have that too, piece-patched by someone else back when the bldg was a dog kennel, and it is a definite annoyance when cleaning (catches the shovel/fork) and also a weak spot (the turkeys have totally dug apart the patched corner of floor in their pen, despite about 6-8" of bedding, the twerps).

Good luck, have fun,

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how would you install vinyl flooring in your house?

It was designed to be glued, whether or not it is edge only or the entire surface depends on the flooring being used.
Hugerat, in a house, I have individuals that are 150# (and then some) walking on the floor - not so in my chicken coop. So, there's really not much of a comparison. I also am under a time crunch; I do have glue, but my husband's doing the work, and he much prefers using air tools - but, as stated, if one way truly is better than another, that's what we'll go with. Thanks for your comment.

Pat, thanks so much for your helpful feedback - as you know, your advice is always appreciated!
I glued mine to the floor and also about a foot up the walls, then put a 1x3 strip where the vinyl ends on the wall. its only been 'in use' for about 3 weeks now, but so far so good. It wasnt too hard, its about 8x11 piece that i used....a bit cumbersome to do by myself, but it came out pretty good. No complaints so far anyway.
Harder to use the shovel and scrap over where the pieces are overlapped. I had to give the staples and extra pounding with the hammer along the wall to keep them down, but I don't have much issue with them catching on the shovel there.
I used a silicone glue adhesive for the vinyl flooring in my comes in a tube and is so easy to use. It is freeze-proof, heat proof and crumble proof...I love it!!!

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