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    Nov 6, 2014
    Female Gambel Quail.
    8 Years old.
    Weight ? but stable.
    Indoor pet, single, very tame.
    Typical diet is turkey grower crumble, kale and millet treats.
    Dusting Bowl with calcium carbonate sand.

    Classic symptoms (10 days): from Merck "Polyneuritis may be seen in mature birds ~3 wk after they are fed a thiamine-deficient diet. As the deficiency progresses, birds may sit on flexed legs and draw back their heads in a star-gazing position. "

    Bird is normal in all aspects except the neck spasms.
    Gave 5 day dosage of tetracycline in water initially until learning of B1 deficiency symptoms.

    Currently (past 5 days) supplementing diet by spoon feeding oatmeal and sunflower seed mash to increase vitamin B1.
    Bird is stronger but the spasms have not decreased much.

    My question is how long does it take for a B1 rich diet to take effect?
    Would it be safe to use over the counter B1 vitamins. For example: soak a B1 tablet in water and add to the oatmeal mash?

    This forum has been a great resource.

    Thanks for any advise [​IMG]

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