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Jun 23, 2013
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2x aart But this is what I recently noticed when I checked eggs before giving it away. this was when I know for sure only 2 WTG were laying, one brown & the other green but somewhere that week, a bit more "blue" got added. So far that's the only off colored one she's laid ... The 3rd from the bottom, on the right .... And I know it's the same girl pullet cause I "stalk" them when they first start laying so I know who's laying what.

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May 31, 2019
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My Starlight Green Egger was trying to lay when I left to pick up my daughter from school this afternoon. We checked on them once we returned and found a green egg of the same shade as the egg from yesterday. It was still warm and in the same nesting box that she was in. For some reason, she didn't use the same box she used yesterday and this is the first time this nesting box has been used. I had fake eggs in this one and in the other that they normally lay in. I believe my Calico Princess had lead the other pullets to believe that it's normal to lay before getting up at first light because looking at the egg I get every single morning, the shape and color varies greatly! Today's morning brown egg was medium brown with white speckles. Yesterday mornings brown egg was medium/dark brown with dark ash brown speckles. The variation is too large to all be from the Calico Princess. I thought it was astounding for her to start laying and not have a day off for a long time. It's got to be more than one brown egg layer laying in the dark. Thank you all so much for your time and replies. I really appreciate you all so much. I'm going to read the "butt check" article again and take notes to have with me when I try tomorrow. Wish me luck :D

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Apr 29, 2020
Good thread! I was interested in seeing what color egg the starlight green eggers were laying. I know they can vary but there isn’t much out there on them. Your eggs are beautiful! Can’t wait to start getting some from my new batch!


Jun 17, 2020
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I got 2 eggs from my "baby flock" today. I know the brown egg is from my Calico Princess as she's been laying for a few weeks now but this is my first colored egg. I have a Starlight Green Egger and 2 Easter Eggers (that might lay colored eggs) and I've been waiting patiently for my SGE to lay since her comb and wattles have really grown and reddened, plus she's been very chatty. I wasn't expecting her eggs to be this color though (I know we don't always get what we expect, especially with Hatchery stock). I was expecting a lightly tinted green (like a white egg with a hint of green). Does anyone have a SGE that is laying and if so, are you getting a deep shade or a more muted light green. Both of my Easter Eggers have comb growth and reddening, but it's happened much more recently. The EE that is the queen of this flock seems a bit more strict with the SGE today. I haven't ever been successful with doing butt checks to get an idea of pelvic spacing but I'm going to attempt it again. If you notice the brown egg has dark speckles, so I guess there is a possibility that I have more than 2 layers, especially with the daylight hours. Don't some EE lay brown eggs? I keep thinking about how everyone says their Calico Princess lays cream eggs but I've been getting some darker brown eggs. Maybe everyone, including the Midnight Majesty Marans (a marans mix from Hoover's - should lay a dark brown egg) is beginning to lay. Then again, the girls in this flock are 21 weeks and 22 weeks old, so maybe not. Only one of the pullets, the SGE, squats, but she LOVES human interaction more than any chicken I've ever known. Any thoughts? View attachment 1999752
Very pretty

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Aug 17, 2017
From my olive Eggers I've gotten all shades of green from a blue green to an odd brown army type green. But same thing with my Easter Eggers I've gotten all shades of blue from a green blue To a baby blue
I think with the colored eggs there's nothing ever consistent except by coincidence

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